ISO 14001 Auditing


ISO 14001 auditing

Environmental Audit

Environmental auditing has become more rigorous in its application as environmental concerns have led to more legislation and greater scrutiny of working practices. An environmental audit is the systematic examination of the interactions between an operation and its surroundings, involving the identification of environmental impacts and quantification of impacts. It may also provide a means of monitoring a company’s performance against a previously agreed policy or statutory standards.

An environmental due diligence audit may be carried out for the purposes of completing a corporate acquisition/merger or property transfer, providing an opportunity to identify and evaluate environmental risks that could have a material impact on the business transaction

The term “environmental auditing” is now associated with a wide range of activities and operations in the field of environmental protection. Cambridge risk Management Ltd environmental auditors can assist you in the following types of audit:

  • Benchmarking environmental performance
  • Legislative and compliance audits
  • Environmental review
  • Waste minimisation audits
  • Due diligence/pre acquisition and divestiture audits
  • Process/operational
  • Single issue (e.g. energy, greenhouse gases, waste, water, emissions)
  • Environmental Management System Impact and Aspect registers